Talee and Cora Illustration WIP

I’m currently working on an illustration for my book. I have several illustrations in different stages and this is one of the ones I’m focused on finishing. It’s of Talee and Cora reading a book.


Sketches, bot battles and more…

Hey Everyone,

IMG_9471How is your summer going? Mine is going good. My kids are out of school and we have a lot planned this summer. My daughter went to robot camp for the first time and had a blast. On the last two days they had a IMG_9602bot battle. She won. 🙂 Her bot is the big square one. They tried to gain up on her and push her off the battle zone but it didn’t work. That’s my girl!

While she was at camp I took that time to sketch. The camp was an hour away so no need to go home only to have to turn around go pick her up.

I mostly worked on some stuff I needed to practice, like hands and etc. I also worked on some of the sketches for the update of Talee and the Fallen Object book. I want to republish it with color illustrations. So, if you already have the ebook look for the update in the coming weeks. But of course, I’ll let you know when the update is available.

Here some sketches I’ve done recently. Which are more fun to do than book illustrations some times … 🙂 but don’t tell any one.

IMG_9591 IMG_9115 IMG_9367 IMG_9467














I’m also working on some background illustrations for my new book. I’m filling in the background and etc with house and trees to make it look more grand… I guess that’s the word.

IMG_9395 IMG_9398








Well, that’s my update. Talk to you soon.



Me and my Character Designs on Instagram

IMG_6826_webHey everyone! I’m not really much of a blogger but I love to share my designs. Instagram has become my place to post so please take a moment to view my latest work @WorldsToDiscover on Instagram. Hope to see you there!