The Illustrations Didn’t Line Up… But They Do Now.

Worlds_To_Discover_Talee2Ed_IllustrationsHey Everyone,

I hope your safe. I’m in Georgia and happy that the area I live in didn’t receive much of hurricane Irma. It  was rainy and windy  but nothing to bad. Our street lights went out but that was about the extent of it. No fallen trees and/or etc. which is great since we have lots of trees around us.

I also finished up the illustrations for the 2nd edition of Talee and the Fallen Object and  submitted the pdf for print only to realize afterwards that I need to change a couple of the illustrations. I knew I should have printed a copy of the book out  and looked for errors. For some reason it’s easy to miss things when they are digital even though they are obvious in print. Trying to rush never helped anybody. 🙂

Talee and the Fallen Object Cover

The problem was that the illustrations didn’t line up with the text anymore. The text didn’t change but where the text fell on the page did, which meant some of the illustrations didn’t line up. The great thing is that this book started out as a coloring book and I have 14 illustrations to choose from. So, I changed two of the illustrations and printed out a copy of the book so that I could look through it and make sure everything was the way it’s suppose to be. I then approved it to be printed. My copies should arrive today. (New cover design to the left.)




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