Family Memory Book

Another simple clean design for a family memory book. A great way to bring family history and photos together.








Custom Book Layout and Design

Let me take your beautiful work and design/layout a book that will get you noticed.

Since I began my journey of building my book publishing company one of the things I knew I couldn’t over look was the importance of good layout and design regardless if the book had illustrations or not. And I’m constantly reminded of that as readers review my book.

“One thing I really love about the concept of Labyrinth’s Door is that the puzzles and drawings are directly related to the story. … I really think young people can get into this! Love the concept of incorporating the puzzles and drawing. It feels like it blends storytelling and video gaming into one package. Great!” – K.C.

“ … I also found the font of the read a plus making the book a quick read and the size of the book perfect, easy to put in a small purse or school bag. I kept in my bag and as I traveled with my niece, pulling out as so she could read in the car.” – Mom’s Tree House

As I work to publish my own books let me also help you get yours ready to publish.

What you can expect:

• A consultation to establish book needs

• Graphic design/book layout

• Creation of Cover Design

• PDF proof for approval

• Print ready files