Memory Book

If you are anything like me, there is nothing you like better than a custom book made just for you. On my to do list I plan to create custom memory books for my children. I want to start capturing those childhood memories.

I started getting into custom book designs a couple of years ago. My first custom book was a photo book for some family members. From there I have designed memory books and etc.

I would love to put together memory books for other people. What it will require are photos, images, notes and letters from friends and family, and time. The turn around time for a memory book will range from 1 – 2 months which does not include a 2 week print time.

Here are a couple of images from a memory book I designed. It’s a 40 page hardcover book. Of course I didn’t include letters and notes for privacy.

The cover was created in photoshop. I think it came out really nice. Has a great effect.


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